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Storyboarding...The process where the script is liftet into its first visual reality.

And a key stepping stone in the magical process of movie making.

To me the storyboard process has always been more about "seeing the film", rather than "drawing the script". And the difference cannot be explained, only experienced.

On display here are a few samples from my work on Ninjago - for the two first chunks, I had a little time to make the boards presentable, whereas the third sample, more rough, could actually be a fine fit for the action that is going on.

- Peter Hausner.


A bit of cinematic action from that

cold open on Eps_75, Season 8 kick-off.

Below, some panels for a subtle, painful exchange between Lloyd and the few remains of The Resistance.


Some rough-stuff here; pencil on paper, to match some Ninjago rough-stuff:

Father Garmadon in a life-and-death battle with his son Lloyd!


To round off the brief storyboard introduction,

here are two put-together treats that were used for the Twitter followers:

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