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2020 August 27:

"Lulu DotAway" has been accepted at

the Grand Old prestigious, Oscar-qualifying

Chicago International

Children's Film Festival.

Truly an honour, and we are so thrilled

to see that Lulu still can

travel far and beyond!


March going on


Global Lock Down or not,

animation keep on rockin'...

We have sound design on

"Knights of Novelmore",

development and Edit on "Dream"

and lots more stuff.

No rest for the wicked ;) 

"Lulu DotAway" participated in the very first

KOBANI International Short Film Festival in Syria.

We were very honored to be accepted.

We are thrilled to announce that "Lulu DotAway"

won the "Best Animated Movie" award!

Huge kudos to the visionary and courageous

organizers for creating and going through with

the festival - and mighty thanks to

the jury for the award!

2020 July 29:



Snobar Avani

participates in

the panel discussion at The Cinematek at The Danish Film Institute;

Female Directors

in Film.

2020 February 10:

"Lulu DotAway" has been accepted at

the classic, Oscar-qualifying 

RiverRun International Film Festival,

N.C., USA.

2020 February 03:

We are proud and honoured to announce that

"Lulu DotAway" has been selected

to screen at the great

Beirut International Women Film Festival.

2020 February 02:

"Lulu DotAway" has been accepted at

the prestigious Oscar-qualifying 

American Documentary And Animation

Film Festival and Film Fund, CA., USA.

2020 January 17:

"Lulu DotAway" has been accepted at

the acclaimed, Oscar-qualifying 

Cinequest Film & VR Festival,

Silicon Valley, CA.

The Danish Directors Guild Champagne Party;

one premiere equals one bottle :)

Snobar Avani celebrates "Lulu DotAway" 

and Peter Hausner is participating with

"March of the ONI" (Ninjago S10).

2019 December 02:

2019 October 16:

"Lulu DotAway" has been accepted at

the prestigious - and Oscar-qualifying - 

St. Louis International Film Festival.

2019 October 02:

"Lulu DotAway" has been accepted at the classic

Oscar/BAFTA-qualifying Foyle Film Festival.

2019 September 23:

"Lulu DotAway" participates by invitation

at the VAF Viborg Animation Festival.

2019 September 04:

"Lulu DotAway" participates by invitation

at the Dumbo Film Festival, Brooklyn, N.Y.

2019 August 12:


"Lulu DotAway" wins FIRST Prize

at Flickers Rhode Island

International Film Festival! 

2019 July 27:

"Lulu DotAway" has been accepted at the prestigious

Rhode Island International Film Festival.

The festival has Oscar-qualifying status.

This will be the World Premiere of "Lulu DotAway".

2019 May 25:

"Lulu DotAway" has the first, closed

pre-screening at The Danish We Animate Day.


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