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2024 March 18:

Big Apple; Big News...

DREAM has qualified for:

unnamed (1).jpg
OFFICIAL SELECTION - New York City Independent Film Festival - 2024.png

2024 March 08:

Great news; the Oscar©Qualifying

Cleveland International Film Festival

has accepted DREAM - thank you CIFF!


2023 September 21:

On a roll! The Grand Ol' Chicago International Children's Film Festival has granted DREAM selection to compete in their 40 Yrs. anniversary edition.

Dream big!

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Chicago International Childrens Film Festival - 2023 copy.png

2023 September 02:

Yeah! We came home from OFF23 with nothing less than the Youth Award.

Thanks a mill to the Jury - and thank you so much OFF for running a festival that is equally international High End as well as the cosiest spot in an indian summer.

And off course to DREAM CoProducers from Nørlum: Elena Ø Alexa and Claus Toksvig Kjær... You are awesome!


2023 June 21:


2023 May 24:

Over the moon... First submission for "Dream" and we're in! Thank you so much OFF23 for choosing us among 4000 + entries to your international, Oscar® Qualifying festival. On our way!

Official Hvid Laurel.png

2023 May 12:

"Dream" was screened for family, friends and colleagues. So much hard work, so long time in the making; and everything finally coming together on this great day!


2022 September 22:

After almost a year as Director on

Luce-Creative/Tencent Video's

"The Adventures of Little Penguin" and wrapping up completion; it is now with high expectations that Peter Hausner joins the ranks of Pure Imagination Studios as Supervising Director on:

LEGO Dreamzzz 2. season.


Sunset Blvd. L.A. outside

the LEGO Offices.

2022 August 24:

SoMe announcment.jpg

2022 August 22:

2021 November 01:

After 11 wonderful yrs. at Wil Film, Peter Hausner is changing the scenery, 

welcoming "The Adventures of Little Penguin" and new collaborators

Luce-Creative and Tencent Video, as Director for the full Season 01.  


Awesome! We are very happy to announce that "Ice-cold Fire" has been granted Research funding from New Danish Screen.

A very special project that Snobar is writing and directing.

nutid copy.png

2021 September 04:

Red carpet and big smiles, as we attended

the Oscar-qualifying Odense Film Festival,

this time as guests.

We are here in stellar company;

the amazing animation artist Sara Koppel and composer Sune Kølster, also producer Søren Fleng and VAF Festival Manager

Ditte Lundsgaard Nielsen.


2021 ultimo July:

"Dream" has successfully been through

the Developing phase, granted by

The Danish Film Institute.

We are now in the final stages

of making the beautiful project ready

for final funding and Production.

See also In Production.


From July 2019

to September 2020:


Lulu DotAway has been on an year-long amazing journey on the international Festival Circuit:

1st Prize at Rhode Island Internation Film Festival!

7 selections for Oscar-qualifying international festivals.

12 selections for other prestigious, international festivals.


March going on

June - and then some:

Global Lock Down or not,

animation keep on rockin'...

We have sound design on

"Knights of Novelmore",

internal development and Edit

on "Dream" and lots more stuff.

No rest for the wicked ;) 




Snobar Avani

participates in

the panel discussion at The Cinematek at The Danish Film Institute;

Female Directors in Film.


2019 December 02:

The Danish Directors Guild Champagne Party;

one premiere equals one bottle :)

Snobar Avani celebrates "Lulu DotAway" 

and Peter Hausner is participating with

"March of the ONI" (Ninjago S10).


2019 May 25:

Lulu DotAway has the very first pre-screening at the Danish We Animate Day.

2019 May 25:

"Lulu DotAway" has the first, closed

pre-screening at The Danish We Animate Day.

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