Über-cool Editor/Tech Wizz Henrik Bech and Snobar Avani in Editing session on Lulu DotAway (spring 2019).


Voice Actor

Vincent Tong 

(Kai in Ninjago


Arwynn in Knights of Novelmore), 

here at the

San Diego ComiCon 

...AND it is absolutely selfie time as the audience rolls in for our Ninjago Panel.


The great John Musker; Director of The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Moana (and then some!) saw Lulu DotAway at The Danish WeAnimate Day 2019,

where John was Key Note Speaker. 

And he really liked the film!


Peter Hausner is going through the opening  storyboard sequence of Ninjago S08 with Dan and Kevin Hageman; powerhouse writers of Ninjago and Troll Hunters (Emmy Winners for the latter).

Lulus første møde.JPG

The very first meeting on Lulu DotAway

a couple of summers ago; 

Snobar with Ninjago Director Jens Møller (always a good friend)

and artist Sara Koppel,

who went on to animate on the film.


Well, one day Kiefer Sutherland

was standing just outside

our hotel in Paris - autumn 2019.

So now he is in a picture with

the Director of Lulu DotAway ; )


...And these two, too:

Nelson LaMonica; 

Ninjago Top Dog for years

and Tommy Andreassen;

Ninjago Creative First Banana 4ever.

Scheming at the Roosevelt Hollywood

Hotel Bar. I know, cuz' I was there.

...And these two: 

Jay Vincent and Mike Kramer, all-time composers

par excellence for Ninjago.

Mike also did the fabulous 

Lulu DotAway score.


Here, they were trying to impress us with giant

pancakes at The Griddle on

Sunset Blvd.

They succeeded.

The truth about the exotic

business travels to, say, India. 

Welcome to the meeting room

at Xentrix Studios, Bengaluru.

Very talented,

super-nice people,

very high quality work.

No windows.


SDCC 2016