Lulu DotAway

Lulu DotAway is an independent, musical

animation-short, non-dialogue, 7 min.

We are proud to present a Teaser for this,

our first, very own creation,

now doing the international festival rounds.

The synops.

In a town where everybody has dots,

Lulu is the center of attention:

She has the most beautiful dots.

Lulu dances through the square and everyone applauds.

Suddenly she starts to lose her dots; one by one.

How will that affect Lulu?



Director/Writer/AD: Snobar Avani

Score Composer: Mike Kramer

Edit/Tech: Henrik Bech

Lead Animation: Sara Koppel

Lay Out: Ole Bidstrup - Mads Themberg

Animation: Tine Karrebæk

Compositing & Vfx: Jakob Rokkedahl

Vocals: Allie Feder

Producer: Peter Hausner

With support from:

ANIS WeAnimate

Danish Film Directors

© 2020 SnowHouse Film

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