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Snobar Avani is a versatile artist,

with her main focus on writing, directing and IP creation.

There is no off-switch to Snobar’s imagination and energy.

Some need to travel to the end of the world for inspiration.

Snobar just gets a hat full of ideas while riding through rush hour on her bicycle. 

She entered animation through the international school TAW in Viborg, Denmark, and has worked on

A Film Copenhagen as well as on Wil Film ApS. and other international animation studios.


Snobar has found her true calling in world building. She also has a very firm grip on dramaturgy and does not accept easy script-solutions.

Snobar works effortlessly with big emotions, poetic visionary and original concepts.

From a young guy on the Danish

“Valhalla” 2D feature, to the seasoned Director on the international stage, Peter Hausner has covered all fields of animation, from all corners of the table.


Animation, writing, producing, directing, development – from handmade art house shorts to commercials,

from Features to high-end TV shows –

in 3D, 2D and all in between.


Always with visual storytelling as the driving force

(and Peter can paint poetry with his camera moves).

Peter is a strong communicator

who knows something about everything,

which makes the Directors' cap fit smoothly.

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