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“Thirst” ("Tørst")

Live Action short.

Written & Directed by Snobar Avani.


The production has opened.

Script and storyboard are well under way,

and a test shoot has taken place.

Breaking out of the comfort zone, we have now embarked on a live action project,

the intense and hopefully beautiful "Thirst".

It is an Art House film from a personal place. 

"Thirst" is also an opportunity to merge our visual abilities

with a set full of actual people and a rolling camera.

_B4A3047 1.jpg

Meet the amazing crew:

Ellaha Lack as "The Protagonist"

Rasmus Hammerich as "The Antagonist"

Mariam Zakarian - Production Designer

Henrik Bech - DoP and Edit

Emil Salling - Sound Design

Snobar Avani - Director and Script Writer

Peter Hausner - Producer

Before the actual production starts up later this year, we did a test shoot to

explore some of the Art Direction ideas, to examine the dynamics with the actors

and to get familiar with running a live action set. 

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